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Suzhou Longjie Special Fiber Co., Ltd is a large private high-tech enterprise engaged in the production of differentiated polyester filaments. The company is located at No.19, Zhenxing Road, Zhangjiagang Economic and Technological Development Zone, 18 kilometers away from Zhangjiagang Port, 15 kilometers away from Zhangjiagang Bonded Area and 5 kilometers away from expressway along the river. It enjoys geographic advantages and easy traffic.
Its main business involves the R&D, production and sale of differentiated polyester fiber. Currently, its products cover five series, namely differentiated FDY, differentiated POY, differentiated DTY, differentiated polyester industrial yarns and new type polyester fiber (PTT fiber and PBT fiber), and more than 100 varieties. Its main products include differentiated civil fiber products like FDY island composite fiber, DTY island composite fiber, DTY eco-friendly three-dimensional composite colored fiber, FDY flat filament series products, monocomponent potential controllable crimpled fiber, and PTT fiber; and various polyester industrial filaments like high strength type, high strength low contraction type, high strength abrasion-proof type, activated type, anti-wicking type, fine-denier type, etc.
The company is a high-tech enterprise and the high dehumidification high simulation polyester FDY differentiated filament and the monocomponent potential controllable crimpled fiber developed by the company are respectively listed in the state “Torch Plan”. In the guideline of “Differentiated Production, High-grade Business” and the corporate spirit of “Innovation Makes Difference”, the company strengthens the R&D team, optimizes the product R&D system, keeps updating production field management, process innovation and control, always masters the industrial development direction of the new technology and process for differentiated fiber both at home and abroad, and therefore ensures a domestic leading position in the differentiated fiber trade. Currently, the company owns the world leading production equipment namely the latest type differentiated polyester production line imported from TMT, Japan and Bamag, Germany.

The company has established long-term cooperation with research institutes and universities like Dalian Synthetic Fiber Research and Design Institute and Soochow University. It has established “Jiangsu High-Tech Differentiated Fiber Engineering and Technological Research Center” and “Jiangsu Enterprise Workstation for Postgraduate” jointly with Soochow University. The company is a routine director of China Chemical Fibers Association, a “China Fine Polyester Filament Research and Production Base” awarded by China Chemical Fibers Association, and a member of “Technological Innovation Strategic Alliance of Chemical Fiber Industry” established by Ministry of Science and Technology of the PRC. The company has been awarded the product development contribution prize by China National Textile and Apparel Council and the “New Product Contribution Prize of Chemical Fiber Industry during the 11th Fiver-Year Plan” by China Chemical Fibers Association, and taken part in the formulation of trade standards for many products like Island Polyester FDY, Island Polyester DTY, Special-shaped Bright Polyester FDY, Polyester Crimple Fiber, etc.